Tech Repair

Something buzzing? Flickering Screen?
I can fix that!
Some of the time a 'repair' ticket is fulfilled by a simple cleaning. When a simple cleaning won't do a hardware replacement may be the solution. Every stage of your repair ticket is documented and can be tracked by you, the customer, through the Service Portal. All hardware costs will be invoiced without any markup. You pay for the service, not any needless markup for the sake of profit.

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Computer running slow? Out of storage?
I can fix that!
A slow device no matter what the type (Mac, Windows, Android, Unix, iOS etc) is easily fixable. A quick cleaning, internal and external, is the most common solution. Sometimes it needs a deep clean. Before all cleaning operations the device is backed up on my secure server that is wiped after every successful Tune-Up

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Data Recovery

Files missing? Formatted USB?
I can fix that!
I can usually get all of those precious videos of your cat back; I can recover most if not all of your data and back it up on our secure in-house server and Google Drive*

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Rebuilt from the remains of a workstation our Test Bench allows us to debug, transfer, recover, and repair more devices!
(suooɔɔɐᴚ ɟo dnoɹƃ ɐ sı ʎɹǝsɹnu ∀)


Contained in a Dell PowerEdge 2950 Our in-house server/storage solution allows us to backup, store, and provide you with a viable solution to download your recovered files from anywhere!

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