Why choose


as the name?

Good Question!

A Bandit, or Raccoon, is a resourceful little critter that is known for being curious, clever and usually solitary.

A Digital Bandit, as such, is someone who displays the tendencies of a Raccoon focusing on the technology of today, tomorrow and the past.
Something buzzing? Flickering Screen?


Some of the time a 'repair' ticket is fulfilled by a simple cleaning. When a simple cleaning won't do a hardware replacement may be the solution. Every stage of your repair is documented and can be tracked by you, the customer, over email.

Gigabyte Motherboard
Computer running slow? Out of storage?


A slow device no matter what the type (Mac, Windows, Android, Unix, iOS etc) is easily fixed. A quick cleaning, internal and external, is the most common solution. Sometimes it needs a deep clean. Sometimes a new battery. Before all cleaning operations the device is backed up (if you choose) on my secure server that is wiped after every successful Tune-Up.

Car's Speedometer
Files missing? Formatted USB?


I can usually get all of those precious videos of your cat, photos of your kids, and those project files back; I can recover most if not all of your data and back it up on my secure in-house file server, Google Drive, or provided external HDD/SSD/Flash Drive.

Internals of a Hard Drive

Top Requested Services

Here is a short, sweet, and to the point list of commonly requested services.

  • Matrex Style Images on a Laptop

    Forgotten Password

    We've all been there, go to log into your computer, a website, a program or even your email and.... What's my password?!? No worries! I'll get that password back for you in no time, so you can get back to doing what you needed to do.

  • USB Stick plugged into a Laptop

    Formatted USB Stick

    Losing an important file, family photo or a project to an accidental drop, delete or format is a scary thing! I'll get that file, photo, project or whatever it was back to you safe and sound.

  • A Snail, Its really cute too.

    Slow Computer

    Over time your computer will get slower. It's just something that will happen. I'll clean it up and bring back that speed you need!

  • Broken iPhone Screen by the Button

    Broken Screen

    Ever dropped your phone, laptop, tablet etc? It happens, and sometimes, the glass/screen breaks. No worries! I can replace that and I'll make sure to keep it as cheap as possible!

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