Kingston Zombie Walk

The Kingston Zombie Walk happens every year, this website is a landing page for the Kingston Zombie Walk social media pages. It displays a date (of the Zombie Walk) and various links to Facebook, Email and more.

SmackCraft is the name of our self-created Minecraft 1.10.2 server. The website runs on the Enjin platform and was coded/designed in-house to follow our general design guidelines. While this website is not responsive we were able to offer a better graphical experience to our players.

The DigiBandit website is our flagship display. 100% responsive, absolutely beautiful in design and simplicity and follows our guidelines to the letter. While being unique it shares similarity with this website, our ReDesign page, so that users are able to use all of our websites with little to no learning curve.

Custom Printing

DigiBandit also has the ability to print your design on almost anything. Shirts, sure! Mugs, why not? Bags, of course! With competitive pricing and deals galore you will always get a deal!