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General Services

Service Description Time Price
Diagnostics Identify problems with your Computer. Includes recommendations for repair with full tests on flagged components like hard drive, video card, motherboard, screen, all ports and jacks. 30m FREE
System Tune Up Optimize system performance and start-up time, BIOS/UEFI Settings, Updates Drivers and MalwareBytes Free (Anti-Virus) 1h $50.00
System Rebuild Transfer system components to a new case. 2h $100.00
OS Setup Account setup, OS Updates, Removal of unnecessary software, Creation of recovery media, Anti-virus/security installation, Data transfer, Software installation. Install all drivers and Updates, Install DigiBandit Recommended Suite of Software, Operating System software not included, If not OS included, A Linux Distro (Free OS) will be used. 2h $120.00
Hardware Installation/Upgrade Install/Replace faulty Hardware, Applies to Motherboard, Video Card; HDD; Optical; Etc, Charge per set 1h $50.00
Data Migration Backup a copy of your system to a provided external hard drive, No Limit on data Backup, Backup data to BigTucker/Google Drive if requested, Migrate data from one drive to another. 6h+ $100.00
Data Recovery Recover deleted or corrupted files, When recovering data, all data on drive is recovered, It is up to the End User to specify required data, includes Data Transfer and System Image (If Necessary) No limit on Data Capacity. 12h+ $150.00
Software Licence Recovery Recover deleted, lost or forgotten Software Licence Key(s); Price per Key Recovery 20m $25.00
Password Bypass Bypass/Reset login password 20m $50.00
BIOS/UEFI Update Update BIOS/UEFI to the latest version. Includes setup. 1h $75.00
Virus Removal Remove all viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans, etc, Includes MalwareBytes Free Anti Virus software with latest updates 1h $50.00
Component Replacement Replacement of a defective component. Charging port, Battery, Screen Etc. Replace cracked/damaged screen, price is for service only. Replacement Component pricing depends on device and availability. 1h $50.00
Cleaning Cleaning of Device, headphone jack/charging port etc. 30m $40.00
Not Listed? If it's not on this list I charge $60/Hour in 15 Minute Intervials lowered down to the nearest 15 Minute mark. 15m $15.00

Liquid Damage

When liquid damage is involved the Diagnostics step is skipped as a device with any "higher than average" amount of moisture present, when turned on, can damage components beyond general repair. All devices with liquid damage need to be completely dismantled and given an 99% Isopropyl Alcohol scrub bath and dried over a 3-72 hr period. While this is a lengthy wait period the chance of success is higher with this method. Takes ~5 Days

Service Price
Mobile Phone $75.00
Tablet $100.00
Laptop $150.00
Tower Computer $75.00
Peripherals (Keyboard / Mouse / Headphones Etc.) $50.00

Digital Licenced Software Keys

Service Description Price
Windows 8.1 Home Upgradable to Windows 10 Home $79.66
Windows 8.1 Pro Upgradable to Windows 10 Pro $85.56
Windows 10 Home Edition $85.56
Windows 10 Professional Edition $91.46
MalwareBytes 3 - 1 Year One year, non auto-renew and activate upon redeem license $40.86
MalwareBytes 3 - 2 Year Two year, non auto-renew and activate upon redeem license $81.71


Service Description Price
Website Design Responsive Single Page $500.00
Add a page Add another page to the Website Design Package $150.00
Graphic Design Hourly Rate $60.00

Digital Transfer and Conversion

VHS and Tape Cassettes Vinyl Record, and Photos: The physical medium for audio and video of yesteryear does have a shelf life. After 10 years the media stored starts to degrade and the chance you will lose your precious media increases. Avoid losing memories by converting or transferring your older media to Digital or to a more modern physical media.

Service Price
CD to Digital $7.00
DVD to Digital $7.00
VHS to Digital $10.00
Tape Cassette to Digital $10.00
Vinyl Record/LP to Digital $10.00
Photo to Digital $1.00
Digital to CD $5.00
Digital to DVD $7.00
Printed Disk $3.00
Digital ReWorking $5.00

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