TV Repair

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Service Description Time Price
Diagnostics Identify problems with your TV. Includes recommendations for repair with full tests on flagged components like the power board, main board, back-lights etc. This is done at your home. 1h $40
Power Board Replacement This covers the service cost of replacing a TV's power board. Service Fee does not include parts cost. 1h $50
Other Component Replacement This covers the service cost of replacing a TV component not listed above. The service Fee doesn't include parts cost. 1h $30
Back-light LED Strip Replacement Install/Replace faulty back-light strips. This is done at my office/shop as it is an invasive and delicate procedure that has a high risk for additional damage if preformed incorrectly. 3h $150
TV Transportation Fee If a TV needs to be transported this fee applies. This covers the proper and safe transportation of your TV to/from my office. 1h $20
Holding Fee If your TV is stored at my office after the service has been completed this is a daily fee that may apply. This is because of the size/footprint that a TV takes up in my office. 24h $5