Why Choose DigiBandit?

I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.

You'll receive affordable and honest service.

I don't want your wallet. I want your referrals!

You can come to me, for all your IT needs.

I'll repair a computer, install a network or Security Camera System, even design and host your website!

You can relax now. DigiBandit is taking care of IT.

Do you smell smoke?!?


A broken computer, laptop, phone, network, or anything with a chip can be a show stopper. I'll have you back up and running as fast as I can. You'll be in the loop with my ticketing system that sends you updates and status alerts for every step of the way!

Gigabyte Motherboard
Dated Website, Expensive Hosting?

Website Design & Hosting

I design websites that look great on any device, then host them with industry leading servers and cloud technology. I'll work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need. No hidden fees or fine print that will catch you off guard.

Website Code (HTML)
What do you mean the file is 'gone'?!?


I can almost always get all of those precious videos, photos, and files back for you. Dropped hard drive, ticking sounds, formatted USB stick or Memory Card? I can recover most if not all of your data and get you back to 'normal'... whatever that is!

Internals of a Hard Drive

Top Requested Services

Here is a short, sweet, and to the point list of commonly requested services.

  • Oh no! Water.

    Liquid Damage Repair

    Be it a spilled drink, getting your laptop or phone too close to that beautiful bath-bomb filled tub or just having one of those days. I'll get that dripping device back to working condition for you, and if I can't, its free.

  • USB Stick plugged into a Laptop

    Data Recovery

    Losing an important file, family photo or a project to an accidental drop, delete or format is a scary thing! I'll get that file, photo, project or whatever it was back to you safe and sound.

  • A Snail, Its really cute too.

    Slow Computer

    Over time your computer will get slower. It's just something that will happen. I'll clean it up and bring back that speed you need!

  • Hard Drives and Whatnot

    New HDD/SSD

    Quite often a slow and buggy computer can be fixed by ripping that old Hard Drive out, and gently placing a state of the art SSD or HDD in it's place. Breath life back into your computer, iMac, laptop and MacBook!

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