Muddy River Rollers

Muddy River Rollers

The Muddy River Rollers (MRR) is a Flat Track Roller Derby league based out of Moncton, New Brunswick. Not only are they an amazing group of people (that like to throw down, on wheels!) but they are Moncton's first roller derby league!

United Pagan Collective

United Pagan Collective

The United Pagan Collective is New Brunswick's haven for all that follow the many Pagan beliefs. Open your mind and browse their website!



Wind~E~Bikes was a eBike rental shop located in Sackville, NB. While the business is now closed their website lives on (mostly to show it off) under our portfolio collection.


Iron Legends

A small little site for a Tattoo/Piercing/Hydroponics/Motorcycle Accessory shop in Kingston and Smiths Falls Ontario.


Paws N Noses

Paws N Noses is Greater Moncton's Best Pet Spa and Groomer! Combining responsive design with smooth flowing information.


The DigiBandit website is our playground. Super responsive, great design and simplicity, follows our guidelines to the letter. It shares similarity with this website, Designed by DigiBandit and most other modern websites, so that the average user can browse with out scratching their heads!

Custom Printing

DigiBandit also has the ability to print on almost anything. We've partnered with VistaPrint Canada to bring you great deals at a high quality. Shirts, sure! Mugs, why not? Bags, of course! With our knowledge and experience you can rest easy knowing your project will come out as expected!