Data Recovery

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Service Description Time Price
House Call I'll come to you! (Pickup/Drop-off) $20
Diagnostics Identify problems with your storage medium. Includes disk health check, capacity check, S.M.A.R.T. data printout, and estimate on recovery time (if needed). 30m FREE
Data Cleanup Clear the junk, clutter and get everything organized! 15m $20
Data Migration Backup a copy of your drive to a provided hard drive. No limit on data migration. 1-12h $45
Data Recovery Base Rate Recover deleted or corrupted files. When recovering data, all data on drive is recovered. It is up to you to specify required data. All recovered files can be sorted as per the "Data Cleanup" service mentioned above. The base rate is a non-refundable fee.

Additional fee for donor drives.
6h+ $75
Hourly Data Recovery Rate Once a drive has started the recovery process I charge by-the-hour for the time our in-house server scans and recovers your files.

For reference most data recovery times for a ~500GB HDD takes around 72 Hours = $72
1h $1
HDD Platter/Head Swap Using a Donor drive, I'll swap the faulty components with fresh working ones. 2h $200
Software License Recovery Recover deleted, lost or forgotten Software License Key(s); Price per key recovered 20m $20
Not Listed? If it's not on this list, or the main services menu, I charge by-the-hour for general services/consultations/training sessions etc. 1h $60