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Service Description Time Price
House Call I'll come to you! $20.00
Diagnostics Identify problems with your Computer. Includes recommendations for repair with full tests on flagged components like hard drive, video card, motherboard, screen, all ports and jacks. 30m FREE
System Tune Up Optimize system performance and start-up time, BIOS/UEFI Settings, Update Drivers and MalwareBytes Free (Anti-Virus) 1h $25.00
System Rebuild Transfer system components to a new case. 2h $75.00
OS Setup Account setup, OS Updates, removal of unnecessary software, creation of recovery media, anti-virus/security installation, data transfer, software installation, install drivers, and install DigiBandit recommended suite of software. (Operating System not included.) 2h $45.00
Hardware Installation/Upgrade Install/Replace faulty hardware, applies to motherboard, video card; HDD; optical; etc. 1h $40.00
Password Bypass Bypass/Reset login password 20m $50.00
Virus Removal Remove all viruses, Malware (malicious software), Spyware (software that gathers information about you), Trojans, etc, Includes MalwareBytes Free 1h $50.00
Component Replacement Replacement of a defective component. Charging port, Battery, Screen Etc. Replace cracked/damaged screen, price is for service only. Replacement Component pricing depends on device and availability. 1h $40.00
Cleaning Cleaning of Device, headphone jack/charging port etc. 30m $20.00
Not Listed? If it's not on this list, or another services page, contact me for an estimate!